Delay of Gratification

Scientific American: How Culture Affects the 'Marshmallow Test' (7/14/2023)
"In 2017 my family and I moved from Boulder, Colo., to live in Kyoto, Japan. My kids immediately noticed many cultural differences..."

The Wall Street Journal: The Challenge of Waiting, in Any Culture (7/21/2022)
"Fifty years ago, Walter Mischel and colleagues wanted to measure how well young children could resist temptation. He invented the famous “marshmallow” test... But why did some children wait longer than others? It’s easy to think that “will” or “self-control” is an intrinsic ability, a psychological superpower.."

Medium: Did the Marshmallow Test Really Get Debunked?​ (4/28/2019)
"The test actually does predict later academic achievement. What that means is an open question..."

Psychology Today: Kids' Self-Control Is Influenced by Their Peer Group (6/19/2018)
"Human beings are a social species.  As a result, much of your behavior is affected by what other people are doing..."

Science Line: Can't wait now for a bigger payoff later? Study suggests self-control might not be the only thing to blame (10/15/13) "If I offered you $5 now or $20 in seven days, would you be willing to wait? A new study suggests that delaying gratification – waiting for the twenty bucks – is a product of not only your self-control but also how much you believe I’m good for the dough..."